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No Girlfriend Left Behind

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Online Coaching with Nia S. Kelly

Meet Nia S Kelly

Wife, Homeschool Mom, Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Worshipper, Mentor and Teacher

Through the Girlfriend Moment Ministries I am seeking to lead and equip women with the necessary resources to live God inspired radical lives. With the word of God as my guide I will reach women in the middle of their busy and everyday lives through free devotions, podcasts, speaking events, conferences, resources, online Bible studies, mentoring groups, and training in the call to write, speak and lead others. 


I am just an everyday ordinary woman serving an Extraordinary God offering real-life solutions to those striving to maintain life’s balance and rhythms, despite the busy and chaotic moments life may bring, or the cultural pull away from godly principles. 


What I Specialize In

Reset Your Life for a Healthier System

Establish Healthy Spiritual Habits

Adopt Healthy Boundaries  

Set Health Goals

Personalized Success  Plan

GirlFriend Moment Be a Movement Not A Monument

The Journey Towards Healing and Wholeness Begins with God.

The Girlfriend Moment is an essential chapter for true growth in a relationship with Jesus. Cleaning layers of misconceptions allowing HIS WORD to be the final say in our lives.

- Marlo Hodge Hummond

"Journey coaching is enlightening, eye opening and so much more. There aren't enough words to describe it."

- Tanya Smith

"A Place of True Transformation to reflect Jesus."

- Rashina Smith

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