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Hey Girlfriend!

I am Nia S. Kelly

For more than 10 years, Nia S. Kelly has been using her gifts to lead people towards a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. 


As a teacher, she desires those who hear her to experience clarity of purpose and renewed passion.


 As a worshipper, she desires to lead those who hear her into the presence of God so they can experience an intimate, life-changing encounter with their Savior. 


In addition to singing, Nia also released a book entitled, Broken by Him. Similar to book Broken by Him is Nia's chronicled journey through years of abuse and depression into a state of healing. It reveals some sobering truths from her past that brought her to the feet of Jesus in repentance.

With all that Nia has achieved, it is her greatest honor to reflect the glory of God through all she does so someone will ask as they did in the Book of Acts, "What must I do to be Saved?"


So whether she is serving her family, singing, teaching, preaching or writing it is all for God's Glory.

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